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What’s a Blog Without an SEO Strategy?

Our Digital Marketing Strategist, Melanie Coleman was recently published in the ABA Banking Journal discussing how to implement an effective SEO strategy for your blog. Read on and discover how you can make your blog an SEO success! What's a Blog Without an SEO Strategy?




Managing Workplace Interactions on Social Media

Social Media is a part of everyday life, including life at work. Take a stroll around the office and you will most certainly see employees scrolling through their Facebook newsfeed, taking a quick snap or tweeting about what’s going on throughout the day. The infamous saying “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all,” is applicable to social media too.


Are Your Contests and Sweepstakes Legal? How to Avoid the Gamble!

Often in our field, marketers overlook key regulations governing the promotion of contests and sweepstakes involving some type of drawing and/or prize giveaway.  Before running a contest, it is essential to ensure it abides by all federal and state laws. 


On Demand Webinar: Sail through Social

Is your financial institution both present AND active on social media? If you already have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn account you've taken the first step.


The Facebook Data Crisis: Where to Go from Here

Over the past month, there has been a lot of news and discussion surrounding Facebook’s recent data crisis with Cambridge Analytica. As a result, many users are reevaluating the potential risks associated with having a presence on the social media platform. 


New Facebook Algorithm: Updates & Best Practices

In January, Facebook announced a significant change that will affect its Newsfeed algorithm in 2018. These changes are a result of Facebook wanting to prioritize “meaningful” person-to-person interactions among friends and family over posts from Facebook Pages, businesses, and propaganda. The new algorithm is expected to result in a decrease in visibility of public posts by brands and businesses.


Get Social and Promote Your Business While Building Relationships! 

What if we told you that from now on you could only use social media to promote your financial institution?

That means no press releases, no radio or television ads, and no billboards placed on highways, just social media- and of course the inevitable word of mouth.

Do you believe your establishment would be successful with this marketing tool? How would you open new accounts? How would you build relationships in your surrounding communities?



How Did a $400 Million Asset Bank Outrank Quicken and Lending Tree?

Our client was looking to raise awareness of the rates and mortgage products they offer in their local market area, amidst strong competition from lenders such as Lending Tree and Quicken.  And guess what - not only did they raise awareness of their products, they actually won mortgage search in their local area!


2017 the Year of Getting Found Online

2017 may well be remembered as the year that many financial institutions began comprehensive efforts to build their online visibility and start selling online. Following are three of the most effective tactics ensure that your institution is on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) when potential customers search for financial products.


Twitter's Latest Tweaks

By the end of 2015, Twitter’s stock had plummeted to an all-time low. While its primary competitors, Instagram and Facebook, continued to innovate and grow in popularity, Twitter lagged behind. The struggle has been apparent, especially as a staggering 8% of Twitter’s global workforce was let go just last year. In an attempt to expand its faltering user base, Twitter has announced a number of functional site alterations for the future.


Have you noticed anything different when scrolling through your Facebook News Feed today?

Facebook has officially launched an expanded Like button, offering users the opportunity to share "reactions” rather than a simple gesture of positivity.


Facebook Changes Your Newsfeed (Again!)

Seeing better stories in your Facebook feed? That's because Facebook changed its Newsfeed algorithm!


LinkedIn: Alternatives to the Products & Services Tab

On April 14, 2014 LinkedIn removed the Products & Services tab from all company pages. For now, you can edit your Products & Services content, but you won't be able to add new items.


Changes to the Layout of Facebook Pages

Facebook has recently announced that they are rolling out changes to the layout of Pages. Page administrators should be aware that this change is coming, and know what they can expect.


The Financial Brand Covers PM Scavenger Hunt

Pannos Marketing Scavenger Hunt entices customers to explore bank's remodeled website.


Facebook Contest - Where would you go?

Contests are a top reason why people connect with brands on social media. Successful Facebook contests are often a mix of self promotion, connecting with heartfelt desires or passions and giving people a chance to show off just a little.


The 7 Most Common Mistakes of Interactive Marketing

Let's go over some of the most common mistakes that occur in digital marketing.


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