February 23, 2022

Despite the world being an incredibly digital and connected place, there are still major gaps in understanding what marketing and sales efforts are driving conversions and meaningful conversations.

As marketers, we are constantly striving to push beyond superficial performance metrics and really quantify exactly what is being generated from any effort. The most common reason for the disconnect is the lack of tie-in between online and offline efforts. Feels kind of old school to say but call tracking software is most often the missing link in attribution, particularly for commercial or business campaigns.

Call tracking is used to collect data that goes beyond just caller ID and is a great way to measure the success of multi-channel marketing campaigns. It can help you to determine how callers find your business and allows you to track campaigns that drive call traffic. Knowing exactly which marketing strategies are leading to the most calls, and business, gives you the data you need to optimize any future marketing efforts and create the most effective marketing strategy possible. Some data you can expect to collect includes the name and number of the caller, the campaign source they called from, the date and time of the call, and even the city where the call came from.  

Measuring the success of a campaign is easy with call tracking due to the in-depth information that the platform provides. Within the platform, we are able to create a unique phone number and assign it to each marketing effort. There are numerous online and offline channels that you will be able to create a unique number for and track any calls from. The unique phone number is crucial to this effort as that is how the platform will differentiate the channel the call is coming from.  



Ultimately, call tracking is a critical component to helping demonstrate ROI for all efforts, whether organic, digital, print or fully integrated. Pannos Marketing works with a third-party call tracking software. If you are interested in learning more, reach out to us for a chat!