November 18, 2016

As websites continue to deliver information and services that historically required a trip to the branch, creative financial institutions have begun conceptualizing how they can best use their websites to bring people into the branch. 

A great example is National Iron Bank, who worked in conjunction with Pannos Marketing to launch their new website. The updated website includes a page for each branch to promote local artists, events and other happenings in their area.

In addition to increasing branch traffic and promoting local activities, businesses and organizations, this information also assists in improving Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Ranking factors, such as locality and backlinks, can be improved by including this type of information on branch pages.

National Iron Bank also recognizes that their branches are an important part of the brand, and have worked to make visiting the branch a more inviting experience. Their new website promotes that experience and gives the bank the opportunity to demonstrate their local connections.