August 11, 2020

For many of us, the status quo is like a weighted blanket. It's comfortable, easy and reassures you that things are how they should be. But is that a good thing?
Or, rather than push on day after day doing things the same way because "that's how we've always done it" should we embrace change?

Though I think we're all over talking about COVID, when we reflect on the way we have lived, conducted business and even grocery shopped through this pandemic, everything has changed. Companies that were previously 100% in the office had to learn to work remotely and are creating entirely new business structures - some of them permanently. Parents had to become homeschoolers and teachers had to schedule gym, math and English classes via Zoom. It has been challenging, and at times frustrating or dismaying, but we're adapting and becoming more resilient than ever.

While I miss being able to chat with coworkers in the kitchen or grab a post-work beer, I think that, if anything, this time has challenged us to be better. We have had to reshape how we work and communicate. It forced us to take a step back and evaluate our processes and how we function, for better or worse. There is no longer room for the comforting weight of the status quo. We're never going back to pre-pandemic, and ultimately, that's probably a good thing.