Easthampton Savings Bank


The power of agency of record relationships.


When we started working with Easthampton Savings Bank they were a $550 million dollar bank, striving to find growth and new ways to serve customers. Working as their Agency of Record, we were able to bring bankESB the power of our in-house design, web development, digital marketing and media specialists to the relationship. Our partnership, along with a combination of looking for new ways to grow and serve customers through innovative products, has resulted in continual differentiation across products and marketing channels while maintaining steady growth.


Here are a few of the products and campaigns we have helped to develop and implement for bankESB.

ESB Get Real Checking

Get Real Checking
A youth focused checking account that turned a competitive threat into a giant customer acquisition opportunity. The Get Real Checking Campaign was one of our first to combine digital and traditional marketing.

ESB Facebook

ESB Facebook
Launching a Facebook page for bankESB in 2010 had bankESB out front of most financial institutions across the country. Today, with 4067 likes Facebook is still the hub of their social community.

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One of our first retail inspired websites, the bankESB site was designed to encourage customers to get started on applying for a loan or open an account. Today, customers use bankESB at a pace that matches some of their branches.

2015 Acquisition of Citizens National Bank
Anyone who has gone through an acquisition knows that getting the right message to the market and making it seamless for customers is all about communication. Having an experienced partner makes it a lot easier. We put together and executed a comprehensive communication plan that included media, design and website development, all geared to keeping employees, customers and new customers up to date.

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