Adapting to a Less Than Ideal Lending Market

Dean Bank, a community bank serving Massachusetts and Rhode Island, came to Pannos in need of increasing business in their home lending department. With rates and home prices skyrocketing, Dean Bank and the experts at Pannos would have to come up with a plan to drive business when the market was working against them.

Services used on this project

  • Strategy
  • Media Services
  • Design
1,287,855 Total Impressions
14,306 Total Clicks
937.9 Total Conversions

Project Goals:

The Ask:
Drive business to the bank’s home lending department during a time when many other banks mortgage departments are forced to shut down due to lack of business.

The Answer:
Create and implement an umbrella campaign that showcases Dean Bank as a true solutions-oriented lender. Dean Bank has flexible loan solutions and an experienced lending team: a perfect combination for what customers need to accomplish NOW. So much so that NOW would become the namesake and purpose of this campaign.


Pannos began the process by understanding what Dean Bank can focus on during their campaign, without rate being the main driver. Since Dean Bank’s inception, they have positioned themselves as problem solvers deeply connected to their community. The bank’s dedication to finding fast solutions for their community inspired the name for the campaign: NOW Loan Solutions. The campaign would revolve around getting customers the funds they need NOW, and with the fast and expert service of the lending team at Dean, waiting for rates to drop would not stop them from chasing down their dreams.

Additionally, with the state of the homebuying market, Pannos and Dean Bank agreed that the campaign would need to focus on a product other than Mortgage loans. The NOW campaign would focus on the benefits of Home Equity Lines of Credit and Home Equity Loans. These loans would allow customers to get the home of their dreams, without having to purchase one in today’s volatile market. These types of loans also gave customers a fast and easy way to make large purchases without paying the high interest rate of a personal loan.

The creative and digital experts at Pannos created and implemented a series of print and digital elements to drive to a landing page which would serve as a hub for the bank’s NOW Loan Solutions. Each element was created to grab the attention of customers on the search for a loan in a volatile market. Creative elements called out ideas such as keeping dreams in motion and giving your home a makeover.


Dean Bank’s NOW Loan campaign garnered over 1.2 million impressions, over 14,000 clicks and 937 total conversions. Additionally, click through rates on SEM, Display and Facebook ads far exceeded industry standards.

Dean Bank’s landing page also did its job in serving as the hub for all its NOW Loan products. The page generated 11,341 Total Views, inspired 1,921 total events, and saw 6,110 total users.

The NOW Loan Solutions campaign proved to be an effective and creative way to gain business for the bank’s home lending department despite high rates and home prices.
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