Dream Builder Campaign


F&M Bank came to Pannos looking for a way to attract a younger generation of bank customers, believing that if they could obtain customers at a younger age, it would set the stage for a long-lasting relationship between bank and customer.

Services used on this project

  • design
  • web
  • media
Let the numbers tell the story
738 Total Accounts (First 3 Months)
$870,097 Total Balance (First 3 Months)
$1,179 Average Balance Numbers (First 3 Months)

Project Goals

The Ask: Find a way to attract a younger generation of customers that would ultimately lead to an increase in accounts opened, and longer-lasting relationships between F&M and their customers.

The Answer: Create a new account that would grow with customers from ages 0-21 and provide new benefits at each stage of life and can be opened for children at a young age by their parents, and promote strong financial resources for children and students as they grow up.


We began the account-building process by identifying the target audience for this account, and the key benefits this account would offer at each stage of life in order to attract a younger generation of banking customers. We determined that in order to satisfy the goal of maintaining a life-long relationship with these customers, we needed to break the account up into different life-stages (ages 0-12, 12-15, 15-18, 18-21), providing benefits at each stage of growth that would reward the banking customers for staying with the bank.

Next, we determined the best way to market this new account was to highlight these rewards to both parents and those old enough to open their own account through use of creative language, dynamic landing pages, and digital advertisements, each asset depicting the special benefit of the specific stage of this account named “The Dream Builder Account.” Whether it was a parent looking to open an account for their newborn or a teenager heading off to college, the copy and imagery touched on that stage of their life.


A dynamic account that grows with a child from ages 0-21 and offers new benefits at each stage of growth.
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