Brand Refresh

Field & Main Bank has always been dedicated to leaving a lasting mark on people’s lives through personalized customer service. It’s not just about banking—it’s about mastering a craft. Looking to effectively convey that message to consumers, they came to Pannos for a solution in how to better communicate their dedication to workmanship, quality and every relationship forged.

Services used on this project

  • Branding
  • Design
  • Copywriting

Project Goals

The Ask: Field & Main Bank wanted to broaden the appeal of their current brand platform and improve the connection of the brand message to each market. Their message of “Modern Craft Banking” was not resonating clearly with their customers in individual markets. In addition, the bank wanted to better promote other divisions (Insurance and Investments/Trusts) and increase key products and consumer groups that were lagging in each market.

The Answer: Establish a uniform brand message that better defines what “Modern Craft Banking” is, and how it aligns with what’s important to customers in each individual market. By creating advertising that can be customized by market, and tailoring the message, strategy and visual approach, Field & Main Bank was able to strengthen the connection to their customers in each individual market.


Pannos began the brand refresh process by holding in depth discovery sessions with Field & Main Bank to better understand what each individual market would benefit from most. Both Pannos and Field & Main Bank agreed that a full rebrand was not necessary, but that the bank would benefit most from breaking down each market’s pain points, best-selling products, and demographic, in order to target their messaging to fit each market's greatest needs.


A cohesive message and personality across all digital assets that speaks to the Modern Craft Banking ethos, appealing to customers who live and aspire to live intentionally. By adapting photography and the tone of the copy, we were able to create a digital ad campaign that works in a variety of mediums and markets where Field & Main has a presence, assuring each target audience that Field & Main shares their ideals and can be a true partner in crafting the life they want.
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