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River City Bank has been a financial leader in their community since their doors opened in 2006. They pride themselves on being more than just a trusted financial institution, striving to show their customers and community that River City Bank is always willing to go the extra mile. They came to Pannos in need of a website that would provide a better, more modern banking experience for their customers and be reflective of their continued mission to always exceed expectations.

Services used on this project

  • Web
  • Design
  • SEO

Project Goals

The Ask: Help River City Bank make good on their mission to exceed customers expectations through a website that looks, sounds and performs as well as the brick-and-mortar branches.

The Answer: A refreshed website focused on delivering exceptional customer service with a modern look and playful design elements.


We started the process by holding in-depth discovery sessions with the bank. Armed with insights gained during discovery, we worked collaboratively to understand where the current website was meeting expectations and where it was falling short.

We identified opportunities to showcase the client’s strong community involvement and incorporated the strengths of their old site to enhance the main navigation. Finally, by updating the imagery and using playful designs with softer edges to celebrate the landscape, community and liveliness of the brand, the new site was truly made to provide an exceptional banking experience to all customers.

Before and After

To see the transformation, slide the center arrows to reveal the old site on the left and the new site on the right.


We created an expressive, bright and interactive website that builds on the bank’s brand and mission to exceed customer expectations. The new website gives users an easier way to navigate through the site, an innovative and appealing new design that showcases the bank’s logo and story, and fresh new language that reflects the modernity and future of River City Bank.
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