Growing Loan Traffic


Interest rates were on the rise and consumers needed more loans. This coupled with the housing shortage left Holy Rosary Credit Union (HRCU) in need of a way to increase origination traffic for non-mortgage loans.

Services used on this project

  • Analytics
  • Design
  • Web
  • Media
4,790 Unique Application Visitors
158 Completed Applications
20% Average Funded Rate
1,433% Lifetime Net ROI Value

Project Goals

Develop, plan, and execute an integrated marketing campaign to increase loan origination traffic and overall brand awareness.

During a rising rate environment, Pannos Marketing saw an untapped market for our client to generate loan origination traffic.


Pannos Marketing understood HRCU’s need and got to work creating a plan. We began by researching the market for various related products and and assessing the demand and competition in HRCU’s target area.

As a best practice, we add Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) parameters to every advertising effort to appropriately traffic the success. This tool makes it easy to add campaign parameters to URLs in order to measure custom campaigns in Google Analytics. To help illustrate full attribution through the application process, HRCU also implemented a tool called AlphaRank.AI, which allows them to see the UTM parameters to attribute loans and applications from different marketing efforts.


AlphaRank.AI allowed HRCU to determine that 33 completed loan applications came directly from Pannos campaigns in the month of June alone. Additionally, according to HRCU, 82% of all completed applications from the Google campaigns were fully funded. As a result, these Google campaigns continued into the month of July due to the strong likelihood of continued success.

Over a combined three-month period, non-mortgage applications driven by Google Ads totaled 4,790 unique application visitors, 158 completed applications, and a 20% average funded rate. The campaign’s combined Lifetime Net ROI was $76,668.00 (after agency/media insertion costs), and saw a lifetime net ROI of 1,433.05%.
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