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Androscoggin Bank told us they had three big challenges going into the website redesign: 1) brand awareness in southern Maine and the competitive environment there, 2) lead capture and tracking/sales funnel efficiency, and 3) data to support lead capture and sales closings. The bank had ambitious but attainable strategic goals:
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Grow and improve business banking
  • Grow core deposits (business and consumer) and mortgages
  • Become a “best-in-class” marketing organization
  • Provide robust content and innovative digital marketing strategy
  • Build thought leadership and elevate PR
  • Support customers regardless of their proximity to a bricks & mortar branch
  • Support the organization’s business intelligence initiatives

Services used on this project

  • Web Design
  • Content Management
  • Hosting
  • SEO
  • Analytics
  • Online Visability

Project Goals

The Ask: Develop a website focused on the individuality, values, dreams and ambitions of each and every bank customer.

The Answer: Create an engaging website that accurately represents and differentiates the Androscoggin brand from its competition while supporting existing markets. Additionally, allowing for expansion outside those markets and providing content that strikes a balance between educating and building trust with customers — without forcing a sale. Here's how we made that happen.


Androscoggin Bank wanted their new website to take a simple, straightforward, conversational tone, with a little lighthearted humor where appropriate. They wanted authenticity and a focus on what’s in it for the customer. They wanted to keep “stories” succinct and copy scannable and easy to digest, avoiding cloudy content that leaves users asking questions and instead create the feeling that users can connect with them. Armed with those insights, we partnered with them to think big, stay customer-focused and use all the advanced technology tools at our disposal to create a truly tailored, state-of-the-art community banking website.


Deposit Growth: The key element for deposit growth was a simple checkout process utilizing a shopping cart that replicates the online shopping experience and artificial intelligence (AI) based on abandoned carts. The bank adopted Gro Banking as their consumer online account opening platform, making it easy for visitors to open multiple accounts at once. Added bonus: It allows the bank to upsell products and services based on what’s in customers’ carts.

Mortgage Growth: In an effort to grow their mortgage business line, we revamped the bank’s online loan application systems for a more user-friendly experience. We placed lead capture forms throughout the mortgage pages and created an easy prequalification process that takes less than 3 minutes. We focused on solutions (“Find out how much house you can afford”) and made the borrower feel special (“We’ll give you a customized quote”). Finally, we made it comfortable for borrowers to talk with a lender and easily get the information they needed (“You focus on finding the home, we focus on getting you in it”).

Digital Strategy: Innovation, automation and customization formed the backbone of our digital strategy. The new website included AI to display content based on user segments. The bank implemented 360 View as their customer relationship management tool and turned to HubSpot to automate email marketing, onboarding and lead capture. Meanwhile, “always on” digital campaigns promote Residential Lending and CDs, with Checking launching soon. Content is an essential part of every campaign, with infographics and articles that speak to specific audiences. Visitors to the new site feel like the bank knows them, understands them and had the products and services to meet their needs.
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