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Forward Bank’s old website was no longer doing its job. The proof? The volume of phone calls to customer support seeking answers to basic questions like “How do I open an account?” and “Where’s the nearest branch?”. The bank needed a site that would provide more relevant content and get customers to their goals a lot quicker.

Forward’s vision was to be recognized as a top financial resource center, employer of choice and community benefactor. They wanted a site that wasn’t just transactional but truly interactive – a site that fosters customer relationships. Tasked with increasing usage of digital services and doing a better job of telling the bank’s story, we focused on three goals:
  1. Enhance the brand voice to spark engagement.
  2. Make it easier to find information on products and services.
  3. Create an enhanced blog that would showcase weekly blog posts as a way to provide educational and financial tips.

Services used on this project

  • Web Design
  • Content Management
  • Hosting
  • SEO
  • Analytics
  • Online Visibility

Project Goals

The Ask: Develop a new website to help reinforce the bank’s digital marketing efforts, attract a younger demographic (and retain an older one) and position Forward as THE non-profit bank.

The Answer: Revamp Forward’s website to showcase their community work, starting with a homepage animation that features key focus areas and a ticker that tracks dollars raised by location.

The Process

We started the process by holding in-depth discovery sessions with the bank. Guided by those insights, the creative team began exploring concepts. Our top priority was to build a site that reaffirmed Forward’s position as THE community bank and acted as a conduit for digital access (online account opening, mortgage and consumer banking, online/mobile, etc.).

Additionally, the client wanted their new website to offer users a relaxed, comfortable place to learn more about financial literacy and keep up with other community news, from this an educational blog, “The Hangout”, was developed. Our client wanted the new site to position Forward as a market leader for business banking, mortgages, financial education and insurance. With that in mind, we focused on supporting growth in:

  • Deposits (free checking)
  • Mortgages
  • Insurance
  • Personal Banking
  • Digital


Forward Bank wanted to showcase all the work they do community-wide and by location. We created an animation on the homepage that features three of their key community focus areas. We also expanded location pages to show details on what each branch does in the local community, including a ticker that tracks donations and total dollars raised by location. The new site literally brings the bank forward.
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