Brand Animation

Cashmere Valley Bank was running an integrated branding campaign and wanted to find a way to better engage users across social media. Pannos proposed that the bank run animated ads in place of static ads. The bank chose to move forward with this change to help reignite a spark in their campaign.

Project Requirements

Cashmere Valley wanted to ensure that the animation represented the bank's identity and their dedication to their community while invoking an emotional response from their audience. The video displayed a scenic background that was similar to the landing page and replicated a tranquil scene that would be commonly found in the mountains of Yakima county. The "swooping" bird was used as a tool to draw on the recognition of the bank's brand and catch the attention of users scrolling through their social feeds.
Cashmere Valley went the extra mile and promoted this ad in both English and Spanish to better appeal to both demographics in their audience.
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Creative Sample

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