Expanding Social Media Presence


Merrimack County Savings Bank was already active on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Pannos wanted to expand their social presence by introducing the bank to another social platform.

Services used on this project

Let the numbers tell the story
172 followers gained
30.2K accounts reached
778 interactions received

Project Goals:

The Ask: Increase Merrimack County Savings Bank’s visibility, reach, and engagement across younger generations.

The Answer: Introduce the Bank to Instagram, among the best social media platforms to reach the target audience.


Pannos collaborated with Merrimack County Savings Bank to develop an announcement for the launch of their Instagram account and a posting strategy for their profile. The Bank’s commitment to providing fun and engaging platform-specific content to their feed and stories contributed greatly to their success.


Since the launch of their Instagram account (April 1, 2022 to June 1, 2022), MCSB has gained 173 followers – a 17,200% increase, reached over 30.2K total accounts, and received 778 content interactions. This level of growth over just two months is impressive and exciting for Merrimack County Savings Bank!
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