Humanizing Brand through a Website

Azura Credit Union came to Pannos with the ambition of bolstering their brand through a website that better represented how they wanted to be viewed by members throughout their community. They felt their current site didn't capitalize on who they were as a credit union.

Capturing that Azura Feel

Azura chose to use their homepage as an opportunity to humanize their brand. Through the use of local photography, pictures taken at community events and animations we were able to design and develop a website that captured the look, feel and tone that they most identified with. The credit union wanted there to be ample opportunity to talk about who they are and how to become a member.

A lively locations page

We also developed a comprehensive locations directory on the credit union's new website. This allowed users to easily find a branch in their area with the services they need from the credit union. Paired with a fantastic animation Azura was able to provide, it created a unique and fun experience.
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