Milestone Campaign


Bluestone Bank wanted to leverage the opportunity to attract younger customers earlier by creating an account that grows with a child from ages 0 to 23. They came to Pannos for product ideas and how to best get the word out. The name of that new account became The Milestone Account.

Services used on this project

  • Design
  • Web
  • Media

Project Goals

The Ask: The bank wanted to raise awareness of the Milestone Account for existing customers, while reaching and persuading as many new customers/parents as possible to open an account for their child(ren).

The Answer: Bluestone Bank’s new brand identity is built around the idea that real life looks different for everyone, and that a one-size-fits-all banking strategy can’t accommodate that. With this in mind, Pannos went to work to create a fully-integrated campaign for the Milestone Account that progresses as a child grows.


Pannos and Bluestone Bank began the process by holding small discovery calls to get to the heart of the marketing strategy and leverage the right avenues to meet the overall goal of this campaign. We dove into the project by asking strategic questions such as “what is the goal of this project, what are customers really buying, and what is the key value to the customer when opening this account.” We decided that a fully integrated digital and non-digital campaign was the best way to attract customers to open this account.
The message: With Bluestone Bank by your side, you get a strong, supportive financial partner and a partner who understands the messiness of real life, often showing you that “we can get there, together.”
With the creation of this account, coupled with the messaging and growth progression shown in the Milestone Account video, Bluestone Bank’s brand identity is infused throughout this campaign.


The creative materials Pannos developed for this fully-integrated campaign include in-branch signage, drive-up posters and signage, digital assets such as homepage sliders, a landing page, and targeted ads, as well as social media including Facebook ads, Instagram ads and stories. We also created a video to explain the perks of this account, using imagery and messaging to show the growth and progression of the account over time as the child grows up.
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