Digital Campaign Revamp Drives Results


First National Bank of Waterloo, a fiercely community driven bank based out of Waterloo Illinois, began running a mortgage and CD campaign with Pannos in May 2022. Just days after launch, the bank noticed that while the campaign was driving some business, there was still room for improvement. What the world didn't know was that the veteran marketers at Pannos were already hard at work developing a branded element that would make this already fruitful campaign one for the books!

Services used on this project

  • Design
  • Content Management
  • Digital Media Services

Project Goals

The Ask:
Implement a trackable way to increase conversions and awareness of the bank’s mortgage lending services and Certificate of Deposit account options in the bank’s new brand.

The Answer:
Launch two branded, specific, product focused landing pages that would serve as the hub for mortgages loans and CDs respectively.


When First National bank of Waterloo first came to Pannos, the bank was just beginning to dip their toes into utilizing online channels for their marketing efforts. Pannos knew that launching a digital campaign for a bank that was completely new to digital, while updating their brand would not be an easy process. The good news? Everyone at Pannos was up for the challenge.

The creative team knew they would need plenty of time to create beautifully branded landing pages for this campaign, so Pannos began developing landing pages as soon as they caught wind of the campaign. However, when the campaign first launched FNBW was sending all clicks on their ads to general lending services and CD web pages as we worked together to develop the perfect debut of their refreshed brand. So, after the customer arrived at that page, it was nearly impossible to identify which customers came from the campaign and what actions they took.

Additionally, while FNBW was seeing new business, they knew there was a way to better utilize their myriad of ads. The bank needed a more specialized touch point for each service being advertised. This would allow interested customers to be greeted with exactly the information they need in a more digestible and navigable manner.

Pannos combined the expertise of media specialists, the creative department, and web developers to give this campaign the boost it needed. The team successfully created two totally new brand centric, easy to read and simple to navigate landing pages that drove customers directly to the most relevant applications. All in just a couple weeks.

The landing pages were not only donning the bank’s new brand but were also SEO optimized and included relevant information about the products and services being advertised and appropriate calls to action for customers to get started. Each page pointed out the fact that in a sea of options and a volatile market, FNBW is your local, trusted source: true to the bank’s established voice and brand.


These landing pages proved to be the secret ingredient to this campaign! The landing pages were implemented in June of 2022, and they turned this campaign on its head right away. From June 1st to June 21st, they garnered 34,178 impressions, 615 clicks and the conversions then started rolling in! In just the 9 days following the implementation of the landing pages impressions increased by over 320% and surpassed 146,000. Clicks increased by 166% for 1,638 total clicks and the bank saw almost 40 conversions.

In the following months, the results just kept getting better. From July 1st to July 31st, the landing page garnered an impressive 109,120 impressions, 2,043 clicks, 148 conversions, and 258 total events. Compared to the previous 20 days that comes out to a 219.2% increase in impressions, a 232.2% increase in clicks, a 148.47% increase in conversions, and we saved the biggest for last, a 12,500% increase in total events!

The numbers truly do tell the story here. Taking the time to develop specific, user-friendly, branded landing pages certainly pays off.
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