StonehamBank is dedicated to providing their customers with an optimum banking experience. After the pandemic hit, it became increasingly evident that the bank needed to expand upon their technology services to better serve their customers. The bank decided to pursue a Video Banking technology that would allow their customers to receive a face-to-face banking interaction that provided an easy and efficient bank from home experience. With this integration, customers could open new accounts, sign documents, transfer funds internally, and more.

Services used on this project

  • Media
  • Social Media
  • Design
  • Communications

Project Goals

The Ask: Help introduce the bank’s new Video Banking integration and its benefits to existing customers in a memorable way that will establish it as part of the StonehamBank banking experience moving forward.

The Answer: Build a comprehensive and strategic campaign to showcase the bank’s new fintech integration – here's how we made it a success.


First item on the agenda was to develop a catchy name to help market the bank’s new Video Banking integration. The bank wanted the name to be transparent but fun for marketing purposes. The bank landed on the name Face2Face Banking. Once the name was determined, a launch strategy was developed that would take a phased approach. First, the bank would target current customers. We created a landing page and digital remarketing ads that were tied to their customers’ Online Banking login, in order to target them to start using the new banking technology. We also integrated an eblast and lightbox alert to boost reach to current customers.

As the holidays approached, the bank saw an opportunity to utilize their Face2Face Banking integration to continue their festive tradition of bringing Santa Claus to their communities. The bank sent out an eblast to their customers promoting a free live video chat with Santa Claus.


The remarketing campaign has been running for less than a month and already has over 80,000 impressions. The Video Banking page is also the 11th most visited page on the website.

There was an outpour of positive feedback regarding the Free Live Video Chat with Santa Claus. Customers reached out to the bank personally to share their appreciate for providing a safe and socially distanced option for their children to interact with Santa.

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