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BAC Community Bank introduced a new online chat service to their customers (through AgentIQ) that works both through their website and as a standalone app. AgentIQ is a digital engagement platform that improves communication between financial institutions and their customers, leading to happier, more loyal, and more profitable relationships. This platform is designed to put a branch in everyone’s pocket, allowing customers to interact with a personal banker for all of their financial needs across any digital channel, just like they are used to engaging with their friends and family. This technology lets customers choose their own personal banker. This banker then becomes their single point of contact with the bank who can help connect them to the right experts.

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The Ask:

BAC has been a leader in technical communication and has been providing these types of services for a long time. SmartALAC is the next step in that evolution. BAC Community Bank feels as though the success of this platform is critical for the organization to evolve over the next decade and is laying the foundation for strategy and growth. Pannos was asked to create a branded name for both the mobile app and the interactive chatbot “virtual assistant” as well as a corresponding icon.

The Answer:

SmartALAC stands for All Access Connection. Emphasizing the power of connectivity and putting strength to the name in a concise way, ALAC combines all-access, connection, and accessibility. Thinking of the persona, we imagine ALAC as a younger adult type-A stat geek – a smart and savvy hardworking bank representative who digs the details and delivers the support.

The Process:

After the naming and icon development, Pannos designed a messaging guide for internal bank employees. This served as a manifesto to illustrate the product, why it was an important addition to the bank’s services, and a general overview of the messaging style and voice of the app. This was to establish a uniform message and character for the app interface, so that the language, tone and personality were consistent and thoroughly thought out. First, the bank planned to do a soft launch to their business customers. Pannos created two versions of a rollout document – one tailored to business customers and one for existing, personal customers. Pannos also created an in-branch digital slide which was displayed on screens in all branches, an eNewsletter which was deployed to all existing customers, in-branch signage, and buttons for employees to wear.


A relatable, thoughtful, and fully-integrated campaign that highlights the innovation and technological advances of SmartALAC and BAC Community Bank. The use of modern design elements and “wicked smaht” language is engaging and enhances the user experience. Altogether, the concise naming convention, the digital and print assets, and the training tools created for internal use convey the dedication the bank has towards technological advancements in order to improve their customers’ experience.
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