New Brand, Problem Solved

Dean Bank, a long-standing Pannos client, was ready for a brand refresh. The bank liked many aspects of their current brand, but wanted to find a way to expand upon the existing concepts and messaging. They wanted their updated brand to appeal to a younger demographic while still catering to their current customers, the goal being an overall simplified design.

Problem Solved

Pannos had worked with the bank previously to develop their "Problem Solved" concept and they wanted to move forward with this idea in their new brand. They decided to use their original concept "solving problems" as a catalyst for new variations, such as "Mission Accomplished", "Dreams Realized", "Dreams Fulfilled", "Goals Achieved", etc. The bank also chose to hone in on a new concept, "Life Happens". This concept was to built around real-life scenarios.

The brand's new design focuses on headlines and a thin line design element to create movement and carry viewers throughout the layout, whether seen through a digital or print lens.

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