Video Campaign


Following the merger of Bridgewater Savings Bank and Mansfield Bank, and the unveiling of the newly named Bluestone Bank, there was a need to effectively communicate their new brand and tagline to their market.

Services used on this project

  • Video Production
  • Design
  • Creative Direction
  • Script Writing

Project Goals

The Ask: As part of their brand launch, it was imperative to illustrate Bluestone Bank’s understanding of what their customers’ and communities’ daily lives are like – not polished nor stylized, but authentic, imperfect and messy.

The Answer: Leveraging the messaging of “Real Life – Backed by Bluestone” and the new tagline, “Let’s get there, together” the bank was able to showcase how they are here to fit seamlessly into all of life’s chaos.


We started the process by developing a story that very literally hit home. Then we set out to find just the right video partner – Studio Center – to help us bring our idea to life. Guided by the combined creative insights from both teams, we dove into creative development. The goal from the very start was to produce broadcast-quality commercials that rivaled much bigger banks, while making sure we stayed true to the bank’s authenticity.

Together, we searched for the perfect cast of family characters - the “always on mom”, the “dinner making dad”, their “easy going” teenage son and “impatient” younger daughter – successfully creating the “real life” family we envisioned. Then, location - check! Music-check! Voice talent – check! With all the best ingredients in place, we effectively put it all together with editorial excellence...and bam! The Bluestone Bank TV spots were born!
In addition, this campaign’s commercials won the 2021 Gold Telly Award in the Regional TV, General – Bank category!


The bank chose to run the commercial using several different mediums including cable television and OTT, and even utilized social channels like YouTube. This played a major role in the overall branding and recognition of the bank’s new name. Leveraging these major social and media channels, not only did the commercial impact their current market area, but reached a broader overall audience too, resulting in inordinately fast brand name immersion throughout southeastern Massachusetts.

In addition, this campaign’s commercials won the 2021 Gold Telly Award in the Regional TV, General – Bank category!
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