Auto Loan Growth

Auto Loan Growth

Brotherhood Credit Union ($110 million, Lynn, MA) has historically had a strong auto loan portfolio but felt they could do even better. The credit union made minimal efforts using digital marketing and focused the majority of their budget on traditional outlets. During our strategic discussions with the credit union, we broached the idea of shifting some of their budget to a digital campaign.

Services used on this project

  • design
  • communications
Let the numbers tell the story
2.67% click-through rate
1,640 landing page views
316.6% return on investment

Project Requirements

Increase new/used auto loans throughout their market area in order to promote the overall growth of the credit union, while generating increased loans and revenue.


We analyzed the Google search trends for auto loan-related keywords in Brotherhood Credit Union’s market and saw that there was a strong volume of searches occurring on a monthly basis. Understanding that consumers shop for cars throughout the year, Pannos proposed implementing an “Always On” Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaign, which would ensure the credit union had a year-round auto loan presence on Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Further research indicated that the majority of searches (nearly 70%) were being conducted from a mobile device. As such, we developed a mobile-first landing page that would dynamically resize to best fit the user’s device and provide the same quality experience no matter the device used in their search.
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