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Your customers are evolving. From life changes to an ever-evolving world, your solutions and support are needed more today than ever before. As their financial institution, your role is to guide them through every twist on their path, providing the value and tools they need to succeed. At Pannos, our job is to strengthen your existing relationships and help you grow new connections by making sure your unique message is heard, and trusted.

Banking Renewed

In a matter of weeks, the world of banking changed, turned on its head, and became something new. FIs have had to adjust the way they conduct business, while consumers have had to adapt to those changes in order to best manage their finances. Develop your FI's roadmap to support your customers as they transition from stay at home, to safer at home.

Online Services Page

Change the way your customers think about online banking. Identify your remote banking services and online service tools in one convenient location for customers to reference time and time again.

Light box alert

As we wait patiently for the all-clear to sound, keep customers informed with what they can expect online and when branches reopen. Use a light box alert to clearly organize the information they need to utilize your online services, new in-branch procedures and other COVID related announcements.

Remote Banking Guide

Whether a customer is new to online banking or needs a refresher on how to enroll, the remote banking guide shares step-by-step instructions to make it a quick and easy process. As a great onboarding tool, this guide will give customers the autonomy to set up their custom online banking experience safely from the comforts of their home.

Online Banking Animation

Video animation allows customers to follow along with outlined steps for a variety of online services. Using the pause, fast-forward and rewind features, customers can follow along and interact with the services in real time.

Service Availability

Banking from a distance can be tough. Save your customers some time and outline what services are available at their fingertips with online and mobile banking, and which might require a trip to the drive-thru.

Pannos Smart
Video Toolkit

We can help you make the jump to video without the hurdles! We’ll send you everything you need to start producing social videos - we’ll carve out the idea, walk you through the set up, and take your footage and give it the proper edit. All without breaking the bank.

Soak up some Knowledge!

Digital Marketing Cheat Sheet

Is it all Greek to you? Just when you thought you had digital all figured out - all these new phrases float to the surface.

SEO & Digital During COVID-19

It’s no surprise that you are likely hearing “you need to keep up your digital efforts!!”, but with an avalanche of information, let's break out a few actionable steps that won’t exceed your marketing budget and help with customer relations.

Keep Your FI Moving Forward Amid COVID-19

As a strategic marketing partner for many FIs across the country, we feel it is critically important to offer guidance for today’s challenges and to assist in keeping community financial institutions at the forefront of forward-thinking solutions.

Solutions for the Challenges Ahead

Due to the current global crises, many financial institutions have had to adjust the way they serve their customers. Provide your customers with access to the banking products and services they need to stay connected and on track.

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