Lakeland Bank Website


Create a fun and engaging website that reflected Lakeland’s brand.


Lakeland Bank, headquartered in Oak Ridge, NJ has $3.7 billion in total assets with 48 offices, five regional lending centers, and two loan production offices. As the bank grew - so did their website, however, information could be hard to find and was sometimes out of date. Most importantly, Lakeland felt their website did not effectively reflect the bank’s personality and brand promise: it was difficult to navigate and complex, which contradicted their ‘simplifying banking’ promise.


We focused on creating a new information hierarchy and intuitive design for the user. An important factor was the tone of voice of the new website. Rather than coming off as old-fashioned or conservative, the goal was for the site to have its own personality and be conversational, as if you were speaking to a representative. With the help of our content writing team and real commercial testimonials, we developed a consistent voice bringing the design framework to life.

The Lakeland Website Features:

  • Easy navigation
  • Personality – conversational tone
  • SEO optimization to drive an increase in organic traffic
  • Simple Content Management System (PannosCMS)
  • Ability to manage branch information and staff directory on the website
  • Responsive Design


Lakeland has a fresh, modern design which speaks “we’re simplying banking.” The site is capable of being viewed on multiple devices and clearly brings the user, in less steps or clicks, to their desired information. For Lakeland, keeping the website up to date is easier. The PannosCMS made updates to pages faster and easier and has simplified the management of branch information, loan officer and other employee contact and bio information.


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