First Atlantic Credit Union Website


Reimagine this brand for a younger audience with an atypical “banking” website.


Two ideas drove the First Atlantic Federal Credit Union’s website project: first, that users have different goals and the website needs to get them on the path toward their goals as quickly as possible, second, the credit union did not want the site to look like a typical financial institution website. The result was a mobile-friendly, modern site that targets a younger demographic with a distinct, modern look utilizing striking icons, vivid imagery and personable copy.


In addition to developing and organizing content in a strategic manner, attention was also directed toward capturing the authentic look and feel of the New Jersey shore. All elements needed to translate seamlessly on mobile devices. By clearly outlining these objectives during the initial planning phase of the project, these goals were at the center of the project and helped guide the direction from the start. At completion, the project held true to these goals and the result was a website that creates a unique look and feel, that does not complicate user experiences and accurately reflects the credit union’s brand.


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