All Things Media

Media – is it all Greek to you? Not to us at Pannos!

We understand how to successfully engage customers using digital and traditional media. For financial institutions, we are your one stop shop for communication to whomever your audience may be. From social media and digital advertising to print strategies and reputation management, we have the expertise and solutions you need.



Media planning encompasses more than just putting together a digital, print or radio campaign. With the ever-increasing number of mediums available, it takes careful planning and a firm understanding of these outlets, as well as the benefits and drawbacks to each. That’s where we come in!


When was the last time you searched online for your financial institution? What did you find? Were you surprised? It can be an eye opener! We use a proprietary online visibility research method so you can see how you compare to your competitors across geographies. Through analysis and research we’ll provide you with critical information to help you position yourself against "the big guys" and other competition.


Our analytics solutions take your website and campaign data and make it easy to understand as well as actionable. We’ll tell you what is working, but sometimes even more importantly, you’ll know what is not working. We uncover the metrics, number stats, and conversions then present that information in a way that is understandable. You may even find it enjoyable - we do!


Social Media is more than just a platform to share your daily thoughts or to display that artsy photo of last night’s dinner. It is a virtual community of individuals looking to learn new information, exchange ideas and engage with their favorite brands. We have a comprehensive program that enhances your ability to communicate with customers and creates opportunity to reach new customers. From building a page, producing content that generates meaningful engagement and cultivating connections with key influencers in the industry to providing thorough analysis along the way, we’ve got you covered!


With the constant bombardment of information in our world, when you’ve got something to say, we’re here to uncover the best way to get your message through. In our fast-paced and technologically driven society, we’re prepared to think outside of the box to guarantee messages are not only received but effectively heard, through both traditional publications and non-traditional mediums.

Let our work show the results.