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Video may very well be the sharpest tool in your marketing shed. Having a steady video presence is important to the success of your brand. It helps you establish trust with your audience and reach more of them through authentic and memorable engagement. All too often, however, the challenge of execution and potential cost stops you from putting the tool to work.

Pannos has created a video package that will help you push through the barriers. So, change your perception of social videos, because we've developed an easy and cost-effective approach to putting your brand in motion.

The Pannos Smart Video Toolkit

We’ll carve out the idea, walk you through the setup, give your footage the proper edit and help you strategize where to place your video to make the biggest impact.

Your Kit Includes:
Fugetek tripod with Bluetooth remote, allowing you to stop and start your video
Ring light
Microphone adapter
Lavalier lapel microphone

Pannos Smart Video Toolkit and Initial Video

Starting at $975

Animation, voiceover and other video options are also available. Send us a line to get started today.