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The main objective was to increase brand awareness of Peoples Bank while establishing brand loyalty with new designs and messaging.


During a time when many larger bank acquisitions were occurring in the bank’s marketplace, resulting in a reduction in the number of community banks, the bank capitalized on an opportunity to refresh and reinforce its brand. The agency conducted discovery sessions with the bank and from those conclusions the brand refresh was initiated in an effort to better connect with existing and potential customers by creating a stronger emotional appeal.


After reviewing the results from discovery sessions with Peoples Bank, the agency created custom designs and messaging to better showcase Peoples Bank by taking a customer-focused approach.  When refreshing the Peoples Bank brand, the agency focused on using clean, airy imagery that would stand out in the market and encourage a strong connection with customers and prospects. Peoples Bank emphasized single, aspirational words (such as “relax” or “imagine”) to fortify their brand value of putting customers and their goals first. These words were carefully selected to be emotive, inspirational and exciting.

It was imperative that the bank have buy-in from its employees as it pursued a new brand direction. The agency conducted conference calls with representatives from various bank departments to share ideas which created an air of collaboration and excitement all around; In turn, there was a great support during the rollout of the refreshed brand within branches and beyond. The brand exercise resonated very well internally, so much so that it motivated one department to etch the glass dividers in their area with some of the selected brand words…well ahead of when the introductory campaign started.


The brand exercise resonated very well and ultimately produced enhanced brand messaging that better emphasized the values of the bank.  At a time when several local banks in the area acquired by larger, out-of-area banks, it was critical that the new brand reinforce a customer-first, community-driven message. That message also needed to position Peoples Bank as an attractive and viable alternative to the new entrants into the northwest Indiana market. The brand refresh that our agency provided Peoples bank allowed for them to come out with a print campaign that encouraged consumers to “bank better, not bigger” in response to the overabundance of campaigns that were focusing on the largest “local” bank in the market. The new brand implemented old and new design elements in order to compete in a new market while setting itself apart as a local bank dedicated its customers and community.


“The brand refresh has helped us to better connect with existing and potential customers by creating a stronger emotional appeal that allows us to emphasize our longstanding legacy of providing an exceptional customer experience. The brand refresh was successful in allowing our customers to ‘bank better, not bigger’ and align themselves with our new and improved brand”.

Sarah Ricciardi, Vice President, Marketing Manager

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