From ABA to Zydeco: A Recap of our Trip to New Orleans

It’s been a little over a month since we returned home from the “Big Easy,” and we think it’s safe to say that this past ABA Marketing Conference was one for the books. The sessions were highly praised, and the marketplace was filled with friendly faces, agency swag, and generous giveaways! However, the excitement didn’t end there. Dwayne Dopsie and the Zydeco Hellraisers put on an incredible show during the networking event we sponsored on Monday night. The event gave everyone the chance to unwind and enjoy some great music while connecting with new friends and catching up with old ones.

Thanks to our friends at Herbsaint, our dinner party was a success! The evening was filled with savory French-Southern cuisine, delectable French wines, and great conversation. NOLA truly is home to some of the most delicious food, as well as some of the most energizing music. We took the liberty of putting together a list of some of the lesser-known places we think are a “Must Visit” next time you visit NOLA: 

Herbsaint - Restaurant & bar that works closely with local farmers and fisherman to obtain the freshest ingredients in order to offer contemporary, seasonal French-Southern cuisine with elements of rustic Italian cooking. 

Willa Jean - Restaurant & bakery serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner made with fresh, local ingredients. 

Kingfish - Restaurant & cocktail bar located in the French Quarter, with food that embodies new Louisiana cuisine while maintaining the best of traditional New Orleans cuisine. 

Fat Catz - Nightlife bar featuring local artists & bands. 

RockBox Band - Local rock band made up of versatile talent that can sing old school rock to modern, mainstream tunes that even the youngest souls can sing along to. 

Krazy Korner - Nightclub & bar on the corner of Bourbon St. and St. Peter, known for being one of the best places to enjoy rhythm and blues on Bourbon St. 

Congratulations to the winners of our Business Card Raffle! 

Julia Warmer, Stockman Bank - Don Julio Tequila

Shawn Braden, All America Bank - Woodford Reserve Bourbon

Chelsea Higginbotham, Richland State Bank - Mailly Grand Cru Champagne

We hope NOLA was as great of an experience for you as it was for the Pannos Marketing Team! We are already planning our trip to Baltimore, MD for 2018’s ABA Marketing Conference. We hope to see everyone next year for more bank marketing fun, giveaways, and of course some famous Baltimore crab cakes!

Charissa Plummer

Marketing Associate


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